Eric grew up in Virginia and cultivated his love of hiking and all things outdoors in the Shenandoah valley. In 2016, he graduated from James Madison University with a Journalism degree.

While in college, Eric spent his summers working as a lifeguard in Bethany Beach, Delaware and loves being near the ocean. This past fall, Eric spent three months working for a conservation corps doing trail work in national parks and forests around California. This opportunity allowed him to travel and led him to become interested in working as a guide for Incredible Adventures. Eric enjoys meeting new people and is eager to introduce California to new visitors.

He completed a 5,000-mile road trip from Boston to San Francisco on his motorcycle as a way of moving out to the west coast. He’s very interested in all the climbing opportunities in California and is eager to continue living in San Francisco.



As a South Bay Area native I grew up in the Santa Cruz Mtns catching salamanders and exploring the Redwoods in my back yard before developing a lifelong passion for the the ocean thru surfing.  Since then most free moments have been spent scouring the coast of California in search of cold water thrills.  Forever amazed with nature, I’m most inspired and happy when outdoors or traveling and learning new things.  The best year of my life was most definitely a year spent living out of a backpack in South America wandering around the Andes learning Spanish along the way.

At one time I had a more normal career in construction management but opted for one where I could learn and teach for a living. The last 3 years I’ve spent learning to work with reptiles and amphibians with a local outdoor ed group which brings animals from all over the world into SF classrooms.  10 ft Burmese Python named Blondie is always the favorite but my personal favorites are Tree Frog Fred and Speedy the Gopher Snake.  In my free time you will still find me surfing but also hiking the many gems just south of San Francisco.  Favorite thing about the city itself….its tacos!  But a few other things as well!