Guide Spotlight: Eric

Eric recently returned from a 3 week vacation to Morocco. This is twilight in Chef Chaouen.

Eric recently returned from a 3 week vacation to Morocco. This is twilight in Chef Chaouen.

How long have you guided with Incredible Adventures? 

I've worked at Incredible Adventures since May 2017.

What is your favorite IA trip? Why? 

My favorite trip to run is the Y3. With three days, you can really get away from the crowds and go hiking in the high country. You could literally spend years exploring in Yosemite and still find new places. I liked researching new hikes and areas to explore. 

What is your favorite part about our trips? 

My favorite part of the trips are the places we go like Yosemite or Muir Woods. Having a job that allows you to spend so much time in beautiful places is so fulfilling. Aside from that, the support we receive from our office is top notch. With this type of job, things will go wrong, and many times theres no way to predict or prevent them from happening. (Forest fires, government shutdowns, rockslides) One thing I love about this company is that I feel like everyone at the office has my back when I'm out on a trip.   

How long have you lived in San Francisco? 

I've lived in San Francisco for about 16 months.

Was it hard to find a place to live in San Francisco? 

The housing is competitive, but there are plenty of opportunities. Perseverance is key. 

What advice would you give to someone moving to The City? 

Don't psych yourself out before you've even gotten here. Secure a place like an air bnb or a friends couch for a week and then devote yourself to finding a room. Craigslist is the best way to find places in SF, and it might suck to be on craigslist for a few hours every day for a week, but its worth it. This week long transition period is a great way to explore some of the neighborhoods in SF. Find a new coffee shop every day and the hunt won't feel as monotonous. If theres one thing San Francisco isn't lacking, it's good coffeeshops. 

What does a week in the life of Eric look like in the summer? 

Things change every week, but a typical week in the summer might look something like this:

Sunday: Start a Y3- Drive out to Yosemite, hike down to a sequoia grove, see some viewpoints and set up camp. 
Monday: Y3- Hike up to the top of Mt. Hoffman, or Lembert dome
Tuesday: Y3- Tear down camp, give passengers some free time in Yosemite Valley and head back to SF, drop passengers off around 8pm
Wednesday: Day off- sleep in, do laundry, hang out with other guides who have the same day off, explore the city
Thursday: Muir Woods- really fun trip, and great food (Free for guides)
Friday: Y1- long day, but good money and you get a 3 hour break to nap/relax
Saturday: Day off- see Wednesday

When did you decide to stay through the winter and for summer 2018? 

I decided to stay for the winter pretty late in the year, around late September/early October. I was originally going to work at a ski resort, but ultimately decided to stay and work here throughout the winter.